Troubador The Bus

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785893261

Format: Paperback

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The Bus


Reluctant and disillusioned Estate Agent, Jeff Edwards has had a bad day at the office. He thinks he’s waiting for a bus to take him back home: back to his solitary life of TV, a take away, a few beers and perhaps a sleeping pill, before it all starts over again; back then to that life of lonely sad habit which he considers his lot in life.

But the best laid and familiar plans of daily routine are sometimes precisely those that life confounds with a damming and seemingly random carelessness. So it is at the whim of a quixotic wind of fate that Jeff’s humdrum life is unexpectedly blown far off course. Rudderless, adrift and bewildered then he stumbles through this magical mystery tour of discovery, instruction and some adventure.

As a moral allegory The Bus explores the old tired and rusted ideas such as; what is morality, where does conscience live and if shit just keeps happening should we keep on using more and more air freshener or must we eventually just acknowledge that awful smell and it’s source? It also explores the role of the the mind, body and senses and their connections to other forces and worlds through consciousness.

This was cleverly written and the plot was not spoiled by being easily apparent. I enjoyed it immensely as it was varied enough so as not to be boring and unlike a lot of books these days it had a very satisfactory happy ending without being mawkish. I loved it!

by Joan Bell

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