Troubador The Bunny Run

Released: 28/10/2015

eISBN: 9781783066353

Format: eBook

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The Bunny Run

A short drive with some diversions


The Bunny Run is the heavily anticipated sequel to the light historical fiction that was released last October, The Paper Caper.  

With offices in both towns, Tim Topps has for many years driven twice-weekly between Cambridge and Oxford and knows the road like the back of his (gloved) hand – but now, amid all his memories, things could be changing...  

He takes you in his beloved old Sunbeam Talbot, two-tone as the best ones were, along familiar routes, while frequently turning aside to disclose all manner of revelations, ranging from a schoolboy’s theft in Kenya on Armistice Day 1936, and a cavalry recruit's first day on parade (first broadcast - twice - on the BBC), to an old lady's possible affair with a really horrid dictator, and a very feasible belief that ghosts come from the future, all dressed up for a visit to the past. The drive (and the read) pass smoothly and without any hanging about but when Tim reaches his destination, things change dramatically. 

His reminiscences end, and his problems rapidly unfold as he parks in Oxford. Tim’s adventures mirror the format of a monologue. He confides in the reader and compels you to read more.

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