Troubador The Bandit King

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785890253

Format: Paperback

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The Bandit King


Despite a tumultuous childhood, Rezon was a happy boy. In a time when David was king of an expanding Israel and the lands of Zobah were ruled by the ruthless King Hadadezer, he grew up in a loving, caring family. In the Mountains of Fire, his family found safety and security, and he found love. It seemed as though the family would live peacefully in the mountains forever – but the insecurities of Hadadezer would not let them have peace. When his family and the love of his life are destroyed, Rezon descends into a life of hatred, fury and vengeance. But revenge is a two-sided sword, a destructive force which inhabits the entire being of its host... Will Rezon prevail against his foe??Or will his hunger for vengeance end up destroying him? Follow his story as he endeavours to survive in a world filled with biblical characters and real events. This story never happened... but it could have. The Bandit King, an epic tale of love, loss and revenge, will appeal to those with an interest in biblical history and skilful re-imaginings of historical events.

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Casper Coetzee is mesmerising in his ability to paint imagery that places a reader back in the times before Christ. His characters are crisp and clear in their motive and intents and the reader identifies with the cause of the character Rezon and is empathetic to the people of that time. The fact that the book is set in Biblical times is also unique and allows for brilliant story telling. This is a work of fiction, however due to the style in which it was written, it could easily have been an actual story of the time. Well done Casper. I look forward to your future literary offerings.

by Jorge Mourato

What an amazing book. Can't wait to read the next book. "The Rebel King"

by Cecile

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