Troubador Taffin on Balance

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788039093

Format: Paperback

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Taffin on Balance


Lyndon?Mallet’s Taffin was made into a film starring Pierce Brosnan in 1998. Contains topical issues involving the High Speed 2. As the new highspeed railroute ‘StarTrack’ threatens a village, Taffin is forced to act in the face of corruption. Taffin on Balance is set against a background of the classic car trade, in which ‘barn finds’ are always newsworthy. It deals with manipulation, at Cabinet level, of a High-Speed rail route, and resistance to it at village level. Based on the Taffin books, Taffin on Balance continues to follow his life. He is now running ‘Muscle Motors’ with his long-time girlfriend Charlotte, restoring and selling classic American cars. The High-Speed rail route ‘StarTrack’ is threatening the village boundaries and some of the locals approach Taffin for ways of resisting it. He tells them there is nothing he can do, but events draw him in anyway.

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