Troubador Tableland

Released: 01/09/2012

ISBN: 9781780882574

Format: Paperback

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Think?Angel Delight, flares and Vauxhall Victors:?it’s the 1970s. This is the diary of Pete. Living on a new estate, Springcroft Meadow, with wife Julie and son Trev, Pete is beset by business worries and rivalries at I.C.T where he works as a rep for a timber firm.?He has aspirations to join an association not unlike the Round?Table, which seems to dominate the social scene with its intriguing functions such as a Hallowe’en Safari and a Plum Pudding?Relay Race on the agenda. But does his face fit??His aspirations may be ruined by, among other things.?Julie’s embarrassing rock and roll brother. The Wheelers are a blend of charitable fundraisers, dedicated to good works and swinging networkers. Les Crow, the local lothario, disappears in mysterious circumstances after a war games event in Barton Woods and Pete’s darkest suspicions are aroused as neighbour Steve starts to dig a fish pond.



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