Troubador Sylvie and Bruno

Released: 28/10/2015

ISBN: 9781784623791

Format: Paperback

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Sylvie and Bruno

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded


Lewis carroll's late-life final children's story, ignored and all but forgotten owing to it's great internal complexities. Is here removed from its distracting asides, to be presented initially for specialist scholars, as a simpler and annotated didactic new edition.

Her Father's Daughter.The Work of Anna Freud. 1983. Jason Aronson Inc.,New York and London, pp. 321.

Upcoming Reviews of 'Sylvie & Bruno' in the 'Lewis Carroll Review' of the LCS, and the 'Knight Letter' of LCSNA (North America).
'Lady Muriel' to be reviewed in Autumn/Fall issue of 'Knight Letter' of North America's Lewis Carroll Society, LCSNA.

Facebook. Lady Muriel and Lewis Carroll has Keli Regina Dyer's gently pro-feminist take on the new Edition, seen there through the heroine's own eyes. Each week, new chapters:

'Lady Muriel'
I sit in the train,not really so prim
Carefully veiled and staring at him.
Stations may come and passengers may go,
Will this bring the romance? Do let me

Facebook (2): Biography Symposia, or Bio-Simple-Posies. Freshening Pervasive Enigmas, by Ray Dyer PhD. Essays and Enigmas arising too late to be included in Vol. 3. Comments invited.
Facebook. Lewis Carroll Redivivus - the new major eclectic discussion web-page, for wide-ranging views/notices on Lewis Carroll & his Works. Illustrated, including from Victorian 'Punch' magazine archives.

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Ray Dyer

Born 1944,Yorkshire.Educated at Roundhay Grammar, North Leeds,employed by MRC at Leeds General Infirmary.Mature student at Teacher Training College; B.Ed(Hons.), M.Phil.(Psychol.),Leeds; PhD,Sheffield, 1980.Primary School teaching in UK, adult teaching in Brazil,where he met his 'fourth and final' wife.Produced the first book-length biography of Anna Freud,published in New York and London, 1983.Lewis Carroll came later,but was a catalyst to draw together earlier interests in Romantic Poets,Science, Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

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