Troubador Strikers Instinct

Interview with A D Rogers on Tony’s Horne’s Radio Show

Released: 07/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784629663

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Strikers Instinct


Harry Green and Luke Linden grew up in the same small Lancashire town but their paths only really crossed when they were thrown together by a violent incident at university. The two became lifelong friends and after years apart building separate careers, they both meet again in the town of their birth. Harry is now Dr. Green – on the verge of an amazing medical discovery – and Luke is the former successful head of a large IT company who is now looking for a new challenge, but faces accusations that he has forgotten his roots. 

A unique opportunity arises which means that the two friends can work together to achieve their aims against the backdrop of their shared love for their local football team. The action moves from the boardroom to the football pitch and involves betrayal and devotion. Luke uses skills he has developed throughout his adult life to help protect his family, his friend and the way of life his father held so dear. 

The final stakes are worth millions – but the human cost could be inestimable.

On page 63-65 of the Wigan Edition of "Local Life" magazine, A D Rogers is interviewed by David Sudworth. Check out the article here!

I had the pleasure of reading this book with many strands - played out against a football background(or soccer as we call it in Australia) and it kept me enthralled right to the end ....but is it really the end????

by Greg Reive

Strikers Instinct is a fantastic first novel, I really enjoyed it. It kept me enthralled all the way through and I think there probably should be a sequel. It's easy to read and very entertaining. Being a Wigan Athletic fan it felt very familiar! Well done Alan I'm eagerly anticipating the sequel!

by Louise Kumar

Thoroughly enjoyed this engaging, well written and easy to read book. Captivating story full of twists and turns leaving me waiting expectantly for the next volume.

by Clare Bertrand

Really enjoyed this well written novel, well done Mr Rogers already looking forward to your next book.

by Mark fairhurst

What a great story! I loved how Alan used his previous work experience to interweave technology into such an interesting line of events. I do admit that his reference to Peter Kay got me sidetracked with hours on YouTube. Living in the States, I didn't recognize the comedian's name but I had tears running down my face watching his performance at the Manchester Arena. I didn't get much reading done that night but the book called me back the next day! Being a whovian and working for a company that manufactures mining equipment also increased my reading absorption with references to the mining pits and sonic screwdriver. However, what really drew me in was the humor and modest stature underling Like's personality - that and how neatly Alan portrayed that Sue is a woman not to be trifled with! Of course the plot had its own twists! I'm grateful I read this just weeks after the release of Alan's second book. Nothing like a good author to leave the reader hungry for the next book!

by Robin Pisarek

A. D. Rogers

Back in 1976 I started work in the IT department of a Mining Machinery manufacturer in Wigan and continued in the same line of work until last year when I took early retirement. At the time of my retirement I was Eurasian Head of IT for a large Global company - and I had worked all over the world - and also in many different parts of the United States. In addition to working full-time, I also studied part-time at the University of Liverpool and in 2005 I graduated with a Masters Degree in IT.

I started to write in order to help with an arthritis problem in my hands - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Alan Rogers

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