Troubador Strays and Relations

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788039345

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Strays and Relations

The Five Hours and Four Decades of Dizzy Greenfield


Strays and Relations follows the story of Dizzy, whose search for her birth parents is sad, humorous, and in parts bizarre. Dizzy learns that she began life as a surviving twin, then was fostered until a permanent home was found. 

Dizzy begins her search for her original identity. Why was she given up for adoption in the 1960s? Following a tenuous lead, she travels to Ireland with her best friend Sugar, but the trail takes a misleading turn. It ends in what they mistakenly believe is Dizzy’s mother’s grave. 

Dizzy falls in love with Will, a blacksmith. But something is missing. Dizzy’s life changes when her birth father Tommy makes contact using a private detective. He reveals that her birth mother is alive and married to a man called Vernon. Now the bigger, trickier task lies ahead: working out how to fit the disparate bits of her life together. This is a book which will both amuse and touch readers’ hearts.

Strays and Relations manages sensitive subject matter with engaging wit and sharply-observed dialogue, and includes vivid descriptions of some rather unusual animals and people. It will appeal to readers who have encountered a recycled animal or family.

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Family Tree

Excellent book and the title goes very well with the content.

The book is about the author dizzy greenfield who in his childhood was given to another lady to enable her to have fun in a good home.

It’s tremendously good!!!

Once start reading its unputdownable!!!

by Arush Islam

Dizzy Greenfield is adopted and feels like she needs to know where her beginnings were and why her parents gave her up. She was fortunate to have great adoptive parents and loves them but just needs to put the past at rest. The journey takes time and has some unexpected turns but she manages to do it with humor as well as tears and some deep emotions in making her world work for her. She is fortunate to have Will who shows so much love and patience with her journey. There are many surprises and many relatives she never knew about until she meets her parents. In many ways she knows more about herself with having allowed herself to follow her curiosity. Sometimes it was scary but she always had Will and her Mum to back her up. Well worth the read.

by Nancy Witt (via NetGalley)

This was a fun book to read, it is a novel but is also a fictionalized account of the authors true humorous stories from her own life, so part memoir I guess.
Dizzy is a surviving twin, who was fostered out and then adopted, as her mother was not able to take care for her.
As the title states this is a story of her life through four decades. She and her husband Will, live in the country, near her adoptive parents. They have a bit of a hectic life but love their home, and the dogs that they have rescued and then along comes their daughter, and the search for her birth parents starts to happen with the well wishes of her adoptive parents. Her Mom and Will are her biggest supporters as she is going through this search.
The journey of balancing her life from her own family, to the new ones that she discovers, is quite humorous, and hectic at times. She finds out she has a large and boisterous group of relations. Not knowing how to navigate the different personalities, she over time settles into to this loving family and finds out not only about them, but about herself as well.
I really enjoyed this book, and I would like to thank NetGalley and Troubador Publishing limited-Matador for the ARC of this book

by Alison DuFlon-DeLeo

Absolutely hooked reading this beautiful, funny story about a Somerset Country girl finding her birth family. It's straight from the heart, sometimes emotional too. A must read for all. Throughly recommended! Thank you Dizzy Greenfield!

by Becky Patch

Brilliant read, highly recommend. This book has been written from the heart and I believe it will help other adopted individuals understand their own thoughts and feelings when finding their birth families. It’s an ingenious book and Dizzy is a gifted author who takes you on a ride that you will never forget, it’s exciting, imaginative and full of colourful characters. It is written with conviction, sensitivity and is very comical. I cried and I laughed along with Dizzy and her family. The characters are real and the story takes you on an emotional roller coaster of sadness, happiness and laughter.

by andrea malone

I really loved this book, I took it to Italy as a holiday read. Strays and Relations is both funny and sad - I highly recommend it!

by Mrs Clarke

This is such an absorbing and enchanting story that it makes you feel like you are actually on the journey of discovery with the writer. In particular I really enjoyed the expressive language that Dizzy has cleverly embraced and utilised, in order to contextualise and blend together the hidden depths of the relationships she has developed with her pets and members of her 'extended' family. The subtle combination of the melancholy and humour, appropriately used in equal measure, has enabled this talented author to effectively capture and convey the essence of her story in such a passionate and meaningful way, which in turn makes it a truly compelling read. Manifestly it has also allowed her to skilfully highlight the contrasting lifestyles experienced by her respective families, and to sensitively illustrate how she has formed new bonds with her birth family, without this in anyway diminishing the mutual love and devotion that existed with her adoptive family (and remains steadfast). Definitely a pleasure to read such a thought provoking book, which not only 'tugs on the heart strings', but also makes you laugh out loud! It certainly leaves you eager for more of the same - so please keep up the writing Dizzy!

by Duncan Barrow

In 1968 a young Catholic girl gives up her baby daughter. 5 hours and 36 years later Dizzy is about to meet her birth mother. Two worlds collide as they find each other on the platform...This witty, insightful, beautifully written book has made me laugh and cry in equal measures. Dizzys search to find herself, her stays and her relations is a journey tinged with guilt, but filled with humour, love and the answers she needs.
This true story is heartwarming and I encourage you to lose yourself in its wonderful pages.

by jackie muller

I enjoyed this book enormously. Like Dizzy Greenfield, I was adopted and only later discovered my birth family. The highs and lows of the author’s journey to find her roots are brilliantly described and written with humour and style. It’s a great read for anyone who is adopted – and for anyone who isn’t!

by GH

I absolutely loved this book. It's easy to read and cleverly put together. Dizzy Greenfield finds her birth family and reunites with them. She tells her story with huge amounts of subtle humour and poignant heart-rending detail. Humans and dogs are loved in equal measure. The book made me laugh and cry more than any book has for years. A beautiful book both inside and out - I mean a great cover too.

by Alison Clink

Great read, took this book with me on holiday and loved it. My brother was adopted and is now back in our lives. The book gives fantatic insight into the emotions of the adopted. The Writer is an expert she tells her story with great passion and emotion. Its very comical and dry I loved it.

highly recommend

by michael Taylor

I really enjoyed this book. It was warm and funny. The family members were a welcome addition. Very funny moments in this book. Nice read.

by V Nunez

Amazing read!

This book had me hooked from the 1st page!

So many emotions in one go happy sad please funny.... very inspiring true story, my whole family are wanting to read now!

Deffo 5 stars

by Bex Austin

A fabulous read! It's all about family. That sounds simple but it's far from simple as family comes in all shapes and sizes - including four-legged members! This book had me laughing as much as anything. But don't let your guard down - those strays and relations with trip you up and have you in tears!

by Caroline Smailes

Made me laugh made me cry. Great read.

by Jo

I loved this book!! Took it on my holidays and could not put it down. It is a very emotional book but very funny too. The writer takes you on an journey which is filled with trepidation, warmth, compassion and laughter.

Well done Dizzy Greenfield.

We need a second instalment.

by molly m

This book is written in the first person, Dizzy an adoptee. Strays and Relations delivers a realistic and emotional example of an adoptee's journey of discovery of her birth family. Its is truly an exciting, touching, characteristic and charming book. The language is moving and consistent, it is absorbing without being overly upsetting.

The human characteristics are complex and explored and the author has a real talent for bringing her story and family alive.

This book is heart-warming and in places very comical.

by Tracey Dunne

A couple of years ago, I was on my travels to the far side of the Pacific. Normally when spending time, I would try a crossword or do a few quizzes to help “Do the time”. When available, freebie newspapers are a bonus, so are simple uncomplicated books.
“Dizzie” Greenfield, left all alone on a bench caught my eye, Strays & Relations it was then.
Life for me had been more than Dizzie: I’d spent some time in Scottish Prisons. It was time to take a gander at new pastures, in faraway lands. New “Greenfields” beckoned.
I just could not put “Strays” down, I laughed, I cried, I alarmed my fellow passengers so much; someone grassed me up to a steward, she came and had a shufti at the loner, in 23f, offering me a wee drink as an excuse.
There are quite a few children with fathers who were members of the Armed Forces or marking time in other institutions. For a variety of reasons some of those children, lose 1 or two parents, being fostered out or adopted becomes the norm. For them life will never be “Normal”
At some point, they will begin to wonder about, Birth Mum or Biological Dad or both. This was to be the case with Dizzy. She embarked on her own curious scary, journey of discovery. Dizzies fictionalized humorous account of her search, for her roots; would lead and pull her in many directions. Sometimes all at once, as she spun from one encounter to another. An adopted surviving twin on a journey into the unknown, where many, many siblings and new family relationship were placed in front of her to explore.

She had me hooked inside the cover, so much, I read the book three times, as characters and story plunged me to depths of personal emotions, feelings, buried long ago.
I didn’t even notice we had landed in Perth.
Strays & Relations is a must read for all those who wish to live, or share Dizzies dream, whether institutionalised or not.
Thank you, Dizzy Greenfield, thank you, Troubador. It was a great flight.
Doggy Parker.

by Doggy Parker

Dizzy Greenfield

I have lived in the West Country all of my life, but never in such a remote place as I do now - in the middle of the woods with rooks and bats. It may be remote but it's never quiet in Dizzyland! When I'm not looking after the dogs, chickens and a six-toed cat, I help run a blacksmith's forge with my partner.

My ideas come from humorous incidents in my own life, which I fictionalise. Strays and Relations is my first novel.

Before I began writing I had various jobs, including working in a wildlife park and as a youth worker.

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