Troubador Stanley Kandlecake

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062324

Format: Paperback

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Stanley Kandlecake


When Stanley Kandlecake woke up on Thursday morning he was a fork lift driver. Two hours later he was a £7.8m lottery winner. One hour later the fire brigade pulled his mangled body from the wreck of his car. Before the sun set, he was fighting for his life in intensive care.

It was sometime after that his troubles really began…

Back from the dead with both legs amputated, surreal visions, with haunting flashbacks and looking older than his mother, Stanley is desperate for love, but instead finds himself the target of a luscious man trap called Lucy. Discovering that money is a curse, Stanley faces a new reality of greed, betrayal and murder.

Jeffery Tarry’s novel is enthralling and believable, and will appeal to adult readers of thrillers.

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