Troubador Sophie's Throughway

Released: 28/09/2015

eISBN: 9781784625849

Format: eBook

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Sophie's Throughway


A unique novel that explores the effect Aspergers has, not only on the individual, but on the family unit as a whole. Sophie needs to find a way to balance the chaotic route she has been forced to walk down... a son she cannot control – diagnosed with Aspergers and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), coinciding with the onset of raging hormones; a daughter she has to ensure gets attention so she doesn’t feel left out; and an ex-husband who comes and goes as he pleases.

At the same time, Sophie struggles to hold down her job as an interiors writer for a magazine. Her rambling house is in desperate need of upkeep – her garden is full of overgrowing plants; there’s no end of laundry, cleaning and cooking and there’s not nearly enough money. Only wine, chocolate and good friends keep Sophie from tipping over the edge. That, and the mysterious voice of her cyber love. Could he be the saviour she’s been waiting for? Or has he been in front of her the whole time? Told from the perspective of a mother who has to battle through life on a daily basis – fighting hard to keep her son in school, dealing with her marriage breaking up, giving her daughter her attention, maintaining her job and exploring her future love life.

Sophie’s Throughway is a heartwarming read, written to inspire empathy and compassion within the reader, as well as increasing understanding for a condition that does not have enough public recognition.

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I loved this book, the honesty & humour & the ability to relate to a 'real woman'. I hope there's more as I'm intrigued to know if Brendon remained in education, if Sophie & Colin's relationship flourishes or fizzles & if the mysterious 'Voice' rears its ugly word play??

by Karen

I loved every Page. Was hooked from the first chapter! Forget about everything else just get on with the Sequel!

by sue

This is a wonderful book that depicts the roller coaster ride for a parent of a "special needs" child. I am glad the book is realistic and not overwhelmingly long nor heavily depressing. If this book were read by more, perhaps there would be better understanding in our world.

by Cait Hatteras

Jules Smith

Gender: Cynical slick chick.

Age: New age, old school.

Height: 1.70 m

Low: Running out of cappuccino sachets.


My personality test described me as a spontaneous idealist and I have to agree.  I am at my best and liveliest when playing with new, creative ideas.  I'm a great believer in freedom to express without restraints and being passionate about your work. If what you do doesn't bring you joy then you shouldn't be doing it; you'll never do it well.

Writing:  Whilst I have had many freelance roles in this field writing for tabloids, magazines and businesses, my preferred style is of a whimsical nature. I like to observe people, life and situations and find the humour within. I enjoy reaching into the deeper emotions of readers and making them feel. I write in a storytelling fashion that enables me to engage with the reader and paint a visual picture that they can relate to, or empathise with.

Strengths: Accidental life coach and practicing mentalist.

Weaknesses: Bad hair days but sexy hair made me what I am.

Dreams: Floating above castles in the air, from a pipe.

Realities: What? Again?

Likes: Hammocks on beaches with a margarita in each hand, Apple products to an alarmingly, unhealthy degree, junkets, travel, reading, exploring, bacon, freedom, red lippy, chess, backgammon and word games. Would like to be best friends with Tyrion Lannister, Stephen Fry or David Walliams.

Dislikes: Hierarchy, control, English weather, black pudding, long queue’s, strawberries, maths, internet failure and spiders.

Synopsis: A free spirited, quirky soul with a passion for the fanciful, that won’t go out in the rain unless here’s a tarantula in the living room.

Jules Smith
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