Troubador Secrets of Blue and Gold

Released: 28/07/2018

eISBN: 9781789011258

Format: eBook

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Secrets of Blue and Gold


Recently arrived in London and looking for a fresh start, Fran finds a new lover and a part-time job in a local boutique, Frocks and Chocs. Little does she imagine that this move will draw her into Junoco, a groundbreaking and risky enterprise involving curious wild birds, dark chocolates in blue and gold wrappers and a secret formula that provokes interest among shady commercial competitors.

Inspired by the extraordinary effects of the ‘Junoco Truffles’, Fran jumps at the chance to follow the bold spirit of her childhood friend Judi, while also facing awkward questions about the ethics and dubious legality of the chocolate venture. What level of deception is involved, who are they up against and which of her new friends and associates can be trusted?

By turns thoughtful, tense, funny and subversive, Secrets of Blue and Gold is a story about the mysteries of brainpower, the delights and excesses of human curiosity and the strange magic of intimate friendships.

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