Troubador Sea Music

Released: 28/08/2015

ISBN: 9781784623708

Format: Paperback

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Sea Music


After a traumatic few months, artist Jess Cooper arrives in Northumberland to recuperate and to reassess her life. Idly looking in an estate agent’s window, she is drawn to Sea Music – a cliff-top house overlooking the North Sea. Enchanted by the name, she is inexplicably compelled to view it. While there she has a strong sense of déjà vu – warm feelings at first, giving way to a sense of loneliness and searching for someone. At the top of the cellar steps, she is suddenly light-headed and unable to make the move to descend. Something unpleasant is clawing at her mind, but she can’t bring it to the fore. That evening she is haunted by a woman’s face and a name – Lydia. Always believing she has no relatives apart from her parents, she is shocked to learn that Lydia was her aunt who died in a mysterious fall at Sea Music. She also discovers that Lydia’s baby son was abducted a few years before her death, and the abductor never found. Jess sets out to unearth the reasons why her parents never told her about her aunt and the events leading up to Lydia’s mysterious death. Sea Music is a gripping story of betrayal and tragedy, loss and guilt. Spanning more than thirty years, Sea Music is a compelling story of one woman’s search for the truth. This book will appeal to fans of mystery fiction.

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Horwich Advertiser

"Sea Music" is a great story of mystery beautifully told. It is atmospheric & full of keen observation both of the landscape and the people inhabiting it. The characters are engaging, the family relationships are intriguing and the story is full of interesting twists & turns! It would be ideal materiel for a book club. As well as being a brilliant page-turner the novel would translate into an excellent film.

by Rose Mawby

This novel is a gripping page turner. An intriguing mystery in which the central character Jess uncovers unresolved and tragic events within her family. The story moves effortlessly in time from the present to the past revealing these events and their painful consequences. As Jess and her family come to terms with the past they realise the healing power of truth and forgiveness and how these can create hope for the future.

by Jacqui James

This is the kind of book that is difficult to put down once you have started. The plot unfolds in a way that is compelling as the principal characters unfold and their stories are told. At the heart of the story is a quest to discover secrets from the past with some surprising twists and turns which are entirely believable. Highly recommended for a bit of 'self spoiling'!

by lesley bates

A beautifully written book.The plot covers over thirty years of mystery and intrigue in one family.The characters are realistic and strong. If you want a good read Sea Music is the book to choose It will hold your attention to the end.Another book by same author would be welcome.

by marie McMullan

Anyone seeking a good mystery to cosy down to need look no further! Sea Music is an intriguing tail rich in suspense and revelations. After a difficult year, a young woman journeys into the past and begins to unravel the unspoken truths of family secrets.... An absorbing story, one that keeps you gripped from beginning to end.

by Paula

Believable characters and interesting plot. I was hooked and did not want to put it down. Looking forward to the author's next book.

by Barbara Cochrane

"Sea Music" is an atmospheric tale of mystery and long-buried family secrets which gradually unravels as the the book progresses. It is a highly enjoyable and well-written page-turner which I couldn't put down. I will definitely recommend this book to my Book Club and look forward to the interesting discussions which will emerge.

by Annie Cubbin

Briege Brannigan

Briege Brannigan was born and grew up in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. On leaving school, she worked in London for several years before returning to Ireland.

She has lived in Lancashire since 1975.

Briege has 3 daughters, 1 son and 3 grandsons.

Her hobbies include reading, choral singing, quizzing, cinema,swimming.

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