Troubador Scales Are For Fish

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800460096

Format: Paperback

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Scales Are For Fish


It is 2007 and Olivia, having gifted ‘The Manor House’ to a Children’s Charity, begins a new phase in her life. Accompanied by Lillian, who is an old school friend, she enjoys a leisurely cruise whilst her new home is being renovated. They make friends with some of the other people on board and this leads to some unforeseen consequences. Having agreed to attend a wedding in the spring where they will all meet up again Olivia looks forward to a pleasant weekend. 

On their return home from the cruise they happily move into the Dower House where they plan to share a quiet life together. This doesn’t happen. During the year ahead there are a series of unexpected events most of which are absolutely ridiculous and often test Olivia’s ingenuity to extricate herself without causing harm. She has three grown up children, grandchildren, and many friends who all visit her at various times, so any ideas she had of a quiet retirement are put on hold. Archibald is her beloved tabby cat and knows more of her secrets than anyone else but he would never tell. One of her friends from the cruise is Hugo, to whom Olivia is attracted but he remains an enigma to the end. Olivia’s year is somewhat unusual but, as she is fond of saying, it is never boring

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