Troubador Sardana Encore

Released: 28/07/2015

eISBN: 9781784626068

Format: eBook

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Sardana Encore


Sardana Encore welcomes the reader back like an old friend. The now thriving Martinez hotel reaches the end of its first season and Pedro – influenced by the family priest to see himself as ‘Peter’, the international traveller – prepares to begin studies in London and life with flatmates, who in time join the family circle. However, milestone events on his journey leave an indelible mark on his life. A balance is struck to no lesser extent than the fairytale romantic interlude in Malaysia, where Peter’s emotional taste buds are discovered. In the UK, as he embarks on a successful career, his Catalan ties still bind and seeds there take root... and the bitter fruits of an ancient enmity are laid ready to be reaped...

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