Troubador Safe Skies

Released: 01/05/2005

ISBN: 9781904744559

Format: Paperback

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Safe Skies


The idea of establishing civil aviation in fifties Bhutan was merely a dream, a dream which only became reality many years later. Even then, with its embryonic infrastructure, flight safety in Bhutan leaves something to be desired. Captain Tashi is determined to help bring his beloved Kingdom into the present-day world, but his relationship with TASS's Chief Executive Officer, Duale, could stand in the way. The author weaves the ins and outs of some of the cornerstones of aviation safety through a story in which the action alternates between the United States and Bhutan. This extraordinary story is at times overflowing with love and happiness; at others it epitomises hate and sadness. Personal ambition stands in the way of greater safety for all as the book reaches its climax in tragedy. In the final phase of the story the author describes the dawn of a new era - the harnessing of satellite technology to achieve the ultimate in flight safety.

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