Troubador Running before that Wind

Released: 01/11/2010

eISBN: 9781848769861

Format: eBook

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Running before that Wind


A novel written in cameos, interlinking encounters between people of very different backgrounds whose determination and love of life leads to adventures of the heart in ironic and compelling ways. Narrated by one voice, that of Robert, a sensitive man with a generous spirit and a very keen appreciation of different cultures, traditions and expectations of life. How is it, he wonders, that people from such different backgrounds can meet and form relationships and enter diverse trusts and challenges and find respect and love?

Set mainly in Namibia and Canada, countries familiar to the author, it is essentially a journey to reach and understand people who are willing to risk everything, the challenges when faith and beauty and health fail, and how the human heart and mind seek new places and a desire to be challenged.

One of the stories is about a quest to rescue children from the tragedy and genocide of Darfur. Some of the book is set in South Africa and Namibia at the time of devolution and the release of Nelson Mandela. The land grabbing issue motivates the story of a man who gives up his entire inheritance and farm.

The second part of the novel is set mainly in Canada. Drugs in sport, the way we fill days and dreams is woven into a mosaic of strong and stimulating tales that appear to be totally distinct and yet there are common human factors.

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