Troubador Roseita, Hamish And The Beast

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890260

Format: Paperback

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Roseita, Hamish And The Beast


Roseita Fortesque is only five years old when she frees a bazaar dog in Kiruma, patiently waiting to be sold for food. The Kirumese people thought it had escaped and bitten her – she never told them the truth. Worse still, she loves that hated bazaar dog, which the Kirumese people believe will bring disaster and ruin to their nation. She also loves the teenage boy next door, Hamish Martlett, who has a puzzling mystery in his past. Together, in secret, they feed the bazaar dog. How could she possibly foresee the terrifying consequences that saving one dog’s life could bring? Greg Martlett, Hamish’s millionaire father, threatens and bribes a Kirumese man into killing Roseita. She is tricked and hounded as she travels from country to country, trying to escape his clutches, wanting to find Hamish again. When, at last, she discovers Hamish’s tragic secret, who is it who finally saves her life??Roseita Hamish and the Beast is a thrilling mystery story that will appeal to fans of adventure, intrigue and faraway places.

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