Troubador Revelations 12:12

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788036115

Format: Paperback

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Revelations 12:12


1968. A young woman in the sleepy town of Sidon is at home, fourteen hours into labour. Uninvited and without warning, a Dr Brockman arrives to assist with her delivery. A few hours later, Martha Holman gives birth to her first child, Simon. Within months, however, Martha’s husband is killed in the Vietnam War. Suddenly a single parent, Martha is forced to raise Simon on her own. A seemingly intelligent and well-adjusted boy, Simon grows up in a deeply spiritual home. However, as he enters his teenage years, the town of Sidon is suddenly rocked by the unexplained homicide of a young girl – and Simon Holman is considered the main suspect. At pertinent moments during Simon’s life, Dr Brockman always mysteriously appears. Before long, it becomes increasingly clear to Simon that he has been chosen by a force far greater than himself. His destiny is written, and everyone standing in the way is being eliminated...

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Books Monthly

Brilliant thriller, satanic, family book. Really enjoyed it. Sad for the family and I never guessed the ending, which is not like me.

Read the whole book on a 13 hour flight from Bangkok. Journey was still awful. Hope there will be another book like this again. It was not sick or distasteful.. keep them coming. Thanks.

by Gill Davis

Creative and gorgeous!. I cannot stop to read until the end. The author makes the reader addicted to the story. The suspense lasts until the end.

by Jo M

Creative and gorgeous!. I cannot stop to read until the end. The author makes the reader addict to the story. The suspense last until the end.

by Jo M

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