Troubador Renewal

Released: 03/02/2014

eISBN: 9781783067763

Format: eBook

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Frank Anderson is in the depths of despair. After his selfish wife walks out on him, his long-established dairy herd is horrifically wiped out in front of his eyes in the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001. Then a botched suicide attempt is followed by some explosive, life-changing news...

My name is Dan Hussey, and I think some years ago you knew my mother Sally: then Sally Ward. Both my parents were killed six months ago in a road accident. My mother had a secret she kept from Dad for obvious reasons. It would appear that he was not my biological father; you are.

Frank discovers he has a grown-up son in London, over from his homeland – Australia – to be with his dying grandmother. A son who subsequently comes to stay with his natural father. How will these two complete strangers get along? And why has the boy’s uncle, who coincidentally lives nearby, been disinherited by his own mother?

Renewal is an uplifting story, gloriously peppered with vivid, often humorous depictions of all sorts of local characters and describing the daily ups and downs, tittle-tattle and trivia that make up life in a small rural community. The author’s descriptive prose whisks the reader along, whilst painting a rich and vibrant portrayal of farming life, the ever-shifting weather patterns and changing seasons in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside. Howard Lewis takes inspiration from a number of authors, including Thomas Hardy, D. H. Lawrence, John Stewart Collis and Sebastian Faulks. Renewal will appeal to anyone who enjoys a well-written book that is entertaining, occasionally brings a chuckle or a lump to the throat and ultimately lifts the heart.

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Howard Lewis

Howard was born in 1958, and was raised on the family farm near Totnes, in South Devon. apart from two years at Bicton College of Agriculture, he has spent his entire working life on various farms in Devon and Somerset. With his wife Fran, he managed his own farm near Exeter for over twenty years.

In 2007, they moved to a smaller holding on the edge of Dartmoor to pursue wider interests.

To date, as well as "Renewal", Howard has completed one other novel, and is currently working on a third.

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