Troubador Potential

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838591847

Format: Paperback

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A young boy’s creative potential, crushed by prejudice and cruelty, is reawakened decades later following a terrorist attack in Paris. Now an international bodyguard, he feels compelled to trace his childhood friend - a quest that re-ignites his genius. Finally he is able to produce a masterpiece which will unleash the potential of anyone who experiences it. 

Potential is the story of two 1960’s schoolchildren bound together by the Greenwich Meridian - the Line that splits the globe into East and West. The girl who fulfils her destiny, the boy-artist in love with the beauty of colours who has his stolen before it can flower. 

A future Oscar-winner projected to fame, a legendary American painter regaining his mastery – how art can inspire and re-inspire greatness. London’s National Gallery, Barbara Streisand’s last West End performance, the 1966 World Cup, all dovetail in a tantalising journey to find the long-lost potential of a great artist who will change the world.

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