Troubador Potential

Released: 28/01/2020

eISBN: 9781838597115

Format: eBook

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A young boy’s creative potential, crushed by prejudice and cruelty, is reawakened decades later following a terrorist attack in Paris. Now an international bodyguard, he feels compelled to trace his childhood friend - a quest that re-ignites his genius. Finally he is able to produce a masterpiece which will unleash the potential of anyone who experiences it. 

Potential is the story of two 1960’s schoolchildren bound together by the Greenwich Meridian - the Line that splits the globe into East and West. The girl who fulfils her destiny, the boy-artist in love with the beauty of colours who has his stolen before it can flower. 

A future Oscar-winner projected to fame, a legendary American painter regaining his mastery – how art can inspire and re-inspire greatness. London’s National Gallery, Barbara Streisand’s last West End performance, the 1966 World Cup, all dovetail in a tantalising journey to find the long-lost potential of a great artist who will change the world.

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Keith Bradbrook

Keith is a former journalist and communications head for organisations, including a major UK children’s charity.

He lives in Kent and has written two novels. 'Potential' is about the loss and rediscovery of unique talent, and 'Movie Night' involves lost love, dark secrets and the quest to make on special movie.


Keith's blog site - - is a personal word-bank on everything from books, films, art , sport and the media to politics, climate change and social affairs.


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