Troubador Phallus Aforethought

Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784624101

Format: Paperback

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Phallus Aforethought


Phallus Aforethought is light-hearted and humorous but with a painful edge of reality.

The story of four men (from different countries) who meet in Thailand and decide to take a short vacation together to the infamous seaside ‘fun town’ – ‘sin city’ of Pattaya.

Through their dialogue, banter and actions it reveals their attitudes towards women, (both in Thailand and the West) as well as to sex, marriage and relationships. To counterbalance this, there are the views and the normally untold stories of the women they encounter both in Thailand and their home countries.

The story is an exposé of what attracts so many men to Thailand. Equally, it reveals the choices (or in some cases lack of real choice) facing many young people, predominantly women in Thailand, who come from the impoverished farming region of Isaan.

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