Troubador Out of the Mist

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013535

eISBN: 9781789010831

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Out of the Mist


A story about the healing power of landscape. 
Set within the dramatic landscape of the Isle of Skye 
Deals with how the sport of running can be used as part of a healing process. 

In Out of the Mist a woman with a traumatic past eventually fulfils her lifelong dream of visiting the Isle of Skye, but a phone call just as she arrives on the island almost threatens to derail her whole visit. Used to avoiding company, Eliza unexpectedly finds herself invited to join a trip to the Half Marathon in Portree where she discovers joy and camaraderie, within this running fraternity, for the first time. Can friendship and the haunting landscape that speaks so deeply to her soul give her the courage to overcome her past and to begin again? 

On returning from her holiday a further tragedy drags her back into the horror of her past.The story of this past is told from the point of view of Eliza, her bedridden mother Edith and her half brother, Marcus, recently released from prison. Each is haunted by the violent events of an attack in their family home eight years earlier, which changed all their lives and destroyed their family. 

Out of the Mist asks questions about faith and guilt and regret, exploring loneliness and friendship, hope and despair. Does the past always have to define us or is the human spirit capable of overcoming all things?

London Marathon

As my book is published - I am also prepariing to run the London Marathon! One of the characters in my novel discovers running when he is widowed and it gives him a new sense of purpose. As he runs, he discovers that he is capable of more than he dreamed and passes that confidence onto others. I'm not sure what time i will finish in, but crossing the line, like finishing this book will be a great moment.
The firts review for my book by a reader on Amazon read 'A beautiful story from Lynne Chitty. She painted a picture of Skye that makes me want to go! Her characters drew me into their tragic family story from their individual perspectives, and show the impact strangers can have. I now want to read the sequel! '
I may well write a sequel but I'n not sure i will tackle another Marathon. BUT.... Never say never!!,uk

Church Times

A little slow to start, as trying to stay in touch with who is who. Three main characters, of Eliza, and her mother Edith and half-brother Marcus. Eliza is on vacation to the Isle of Skye when she finds out her brother has been released early from prison. Her mother is bed-ridden, and her brother is arrogant and cruel. Most of the story has each character with their own section in each chapter, so the reader hears all three voices. Interesting way to write, and works well. A sad story, and made me weep for all that Eliza and Edith went through because of him. Not a HEA at the end, but there is hope for a better tomorrow. Would recommend this book and author.

by Kaye Temanson

Gripping from page 1, the characters gradual revelation of how their lives are shaped and scarred by events in their intertwining lives. Short, beautifully descriptive readable chapters leave you longing to read more, I couldn't put it down till i'd read it all.

by Andree

A beautiful, insightful and at times painful story, powerfully drawing me into the lives of the characters. I am eager to read a sequel Lynne!

by Rachael

A young woman Eliza is taking a trip she has always dreamed of, but can’t fully enjoy because her step brother has just been released from prison. Even 8 years after that night she is still struggling to cope with the trauma. So is her mother Edith. This novella follows Eliza, Edith and Maurcas during the time after Maurcas is released from prison. A wonderful story that highlights resiliency and strength, as well as the difficulties faced by those who have suffered trauma. This story captured the experiences of three individuals and took the reader on a journey to seeing life through the eyes of women, a mother, a sister, a son and half brother in an enthralling way. A wonderful first novella by this author.

by Erin Streef (via NetGalley)

Incredibly skillful description breathes life into landscapes and characters, leading you to feel that you have seen and met the places and people involved. A fascinating book, looking into the minds of the three main characters, Eliza, Edith and Marcus There were times that I could not put this book down, I just wanted to keep read just to find out how it was going to end. . I haven’t read anything from this author and I hope that she will come out with another book. A great book.

by Rochelle Fernandez (via NetGalley)

A interesting read about a family, past secrets and starting over. I liked the atmospheric sense of the book and the beautiful island. The charcters are deeply flawed and each has their own secrets . It is a good build up throughout with the individual stories of each until a satisfying conclusion. A good afternoon read.

by Lori Reed (via NetGalley)

Lynne Chitty

Lynne lives and works at a retreat centre in Devon having been Deacon at Gloucester Cathedral. She is passionate about animal welfare and a life long Spurs fan. She writes for ROOTS and Quiet Spaces and has a short story in the ebook Offshore by Ann Cleeves.

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