Troubador Noni's Island

Released: 28/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783061372

Format: Paperback

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Noni's Island

A Dragon Schooner Saga


Rafe Bate’s latest novel is an enticing blend of romance, mystery and sailing, set in the Caribbean and loosely based on Rafe’s own adventures

Set mostly against a background of three magnificent and innovative trading schooners, this interwoven tale of romance and adventure is concerned with an attempt to reform and implement justice. It brings together a cast of diverse characters who become united in this endeavour, creating a formidable team. Their efforts, aided by mysterious mental forces, ensure that with the re-appearance of The Settler, there is growing apprehension amongst those who evade or subvert justice. Within this exciting yarn, the book poses possibilities in regard to our origins. The authenticity of the storms and sailing adventures most certainly come from the direct experience of the author who built his own aluminium schooner and sailed widely.

Author Rafe Bates has lived an extraordinary life during which he has gained wide personal experience in many spheres. His writing draws on these experiences and therefore carries a powerful authenticity which he recounts in an easy narrative style without mincing words or opinions. This new novel follows the hard-hitting The Settler and Lest I Forget his factual and outspoken controversial memoirs. He now lives in the Azores in mid-Atlantic Ocean.

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