Troubador Mutable Passions

Released: 28/02/2016

eISBN: 9781785893919

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Mutable Passions


Mutable Passions brings Charlotte Brontë to life in a way that you might not have seen her before. Charlotte Brontë’s life was empty; she suffered from extreme loneliness, ill health and sleepless nights. Her siblings were dead, and living in the parsonage with only her father for company was hardly fun. Based on facts, Mutable Passions brings Charlotte to life. The novel is a sensitive portrayal of courtship and marriage, focussing upon the strong emotions that arose after Arthur Nicholls proposed to her. The servants were fundamental to Charlotte’s existence; she treated them with respect and was always warm and friendly toward them, which was contrary to much of Victorian convention. Friends helped fill the void left in the wake of her siblings’ deaths, and it was to Ellen?Nussey that?Charlotte turned to when illness and depression crushed her spirits. Often portrayed a dowdy spinster downtrodden by Victorian tradition, Mutable Passions contradicts this, exploring the feelings and passions that Charlotte experienced herself. Mutable Passions is a unique novel that conveys an imagined, yet sensitive account of Charlotte’s own love affair. One that will appeal to those who enjoy historical romance novels, as well as those interested in the person responsible for great literature such as Jane Eyre and Villette.

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