Troubador Mummy with Benefits: The Fall from Grace

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781788030649

Format: eBook

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Mummy with Benefits: The Fall from Grace


Life has taken a rather positive turn for Grace. She is now working her socks off in a job she enjoys. She has also quite possibly met the man of her dreams. But there's just one snag, she's pregnant and the baby is definitely not his. In fact, she is not actually sure who the father is. So when she reluctantly has to dress up as her granny alter ego for one last time, it can only spell trouble. Grace is forced to confront her bad timing, bad luck and suitably questionable choices all head on. Motherhood takes Grace on a new life-changing adventure, one that ensures she grows up, but also presents an opportunity for her to try and create a longed for family, which is almost within her reach. But will she succeed?

Mummy With Benefits is the sequel to Marilyn’s debut novel, Granny With Benefits, available from all major ebook retailers now!

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