Troubador Moving On

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788038690

Format: Paperback

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Moving On


Old age is expensive - for the individual and the taxpayer. More expensive every year, as life expectancy rise and new drugs appear. Hetman, an ambitious Government Minister, has a 'new deal' to benefit the old and those who have to pay for them. 

Can he 'sell' the idea to Harry, a journalist who will then write favourably about it? 

How does the journalist test what is really at stake? 

Harry meets a supposed expert, Lise, in France. But who is she really and does she have her own agenda? 

How will the truth emerge and what happens when Harry finds it?

A simple, useful guide. J an a writer and have more than the basic level of understanding but this book still had helpful and insightful tips that I have picked up and used. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an entry level text on the subject.

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