Troubador Mother Loved Funerals

Released: 01/03/2010

ISBN: 9781848762701

Format: Paperback

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Mother Loved Funerals


A diva mother, a string of suspicious deaths, family secrets, sexual ambivalence, and a missing father equal one crazy mixed-up kid.

When eight year old Billy Bartlett is unexpectedly sent home from boarding school after the Munich crisis in 1938, his illusions about his adored mother are shattered. Like a slow poison, his childhood is soured by what he discovers.

In Mother Loved Funerals Billy, now older and wiser, with a glamorous actress wife and two children of his own, tells his rites of passage story of growing up during World War II, of his ruthless mother, his love affairs, ambitions and eventual success as a soap actor.

When he is summoned to his dying mother’s bedside in Folkestone, he is determined to uncover the truth behind her mask of respectability. But nothing in the lives of his loved ones is what he imagines. This is a highly charged, ironic tale of family relationships, betrayal and, finally, a deadly choice.

His first novel Man on the Beach, was published by Matador in 2004. Followed by The Rose Secateurs in 2007,Mother Loved Funerals in 2010. The Problem with Happiness set today in Brighton will be available in Jan 2013

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Roland Curram

Born in Brighton in 1932, Roland Curram enjoyed a fifty year career as an actor before writing his first novel. After repertory seasons in Carlisle, Nottingham and Worthing, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1967, for "Little Murders", then the National Theatre for "Grand Manoeuvres". His West End credits include: "Enter a Free Man", "Design For Living",

"Noises Off" (1984-85) and "Ross" at the Old Vic and Alexander, Toronto.

He played 'Uncle Willie' in the National tour of "High Society"

His films include: "The Silent Playground", "Dunkirk" and "Decline and Fall". He played 'Malcolm' in the Oscar winning "Darling", and has appeared in many television plays and series, including: "Z Cars", "Nana", "The Avengers", "The Crezz", "Some Mothers do ’Ave ’Em". He was 'Harold Perkins' in "Big Jim and the Figaro Club", and 'Freddie' in "Eldorado". His favourite job was touring the middle east in the revue "Oh, Coward".

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