Troubador Mad About the Boy

Released: 01/04/2012

ISBN: 9781780880969

Format: Paperback

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Mad About the Boy


Adam Olsen has it all – charm, charisma, Number One hits and hordes of adoring fans. He also has a long-term girlfriend who has been with him since his penniless days, searching for fame. Janey, Sarah and Vara are three of his most devoted fans. Addicted to Adam and his fan site, they think of little else, and as his fame grows their lives become more and more devoted to following him. Proud to have been amongst his earliest fans, they soon start travelling the world to see him perform. Vara, a young single mother, is building up huge debts. Older woman Janey begins to show signs of becoming a serious stalker, while Sarah, happily married and financially secure, sees herself grounded and in control of her behaviour.

The one thing most precious to Adam is his girlfriend – but their relationship is in jeopardy when Adam’s halo slips and his world becomes a downward spiral as he struggles to cope with the consequences of his actions...

Mad About the Boy will appeal to fans of romantic fiction and those interested in music. Devoted gig-goers will recognise music venues in the novel.

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I loved this book ... being a gig goer myself ... and quite an avid one at that ... I completely related to this ... It's fresh, exciting and I couldn't put it down once I started it. It makes you think of friends you've made whilst following bands, musicians around the country. It takes you back to those first feelings when you fall in love with a band for the first time ... when you want to find out everything about them, but most importantly ... wanting to actually see them play. First concerts are always quite magical for me. It's something I'll always remember. This book takes you there - it brings those feelings back and to the forefront of your mind. I highly recommend it.

by Laurel Roberts

Really enjoyed this book, read it in 2 days

by Sue

This was one of the best books I´ve read in a long long time. Being a fan myself I related to many little things which are described all over the book.
I wasn´t able to stop reading and I think I finished it way too fast.
Everyone should read this fantastic book.

by Sabine Enser

I enjoyed the book very much. It kept my interest and I was able to imagine myself at the venues too. Great story and I also finished it in 2 days.

by Marion Muther

Really enjoyed the story. Kept my interest and I finished in less than 2 days. Great job.

by Marion Muther

I enjoyed the book and it kept my interest. I found it an illuminating insight into the nature of an obsession and how far people in the grip of the obsession will go to satisfy their fixation. I enjoy pop music and used to be a regular gig goer but the very vivid sense of the discomfort and worse endured by those in this book are far removed from my experiences. The descriptions of the venues are very good and do convey a sense of being there. Overall I found it an entertaining and pleasurable read.

by Linda Mitchell

What a great read. Warm, funny and really realistic. This lady must be a fan someone. I felt part of their world without the discomfort.
The author showed a lot of sympathy for her characters without losing sight of their different personality traits and revealed much about the stress that must go with fame.

I loved it and can't wait to see it as a film!

by Kathleen

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