Troubador Lucia's Poltergeist

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789015799

eISBN: 9781789019643

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Lucia's Poltergeist


Lucia has a disturbed childhood. Unloved, she lives a life devoid of care and affection and is unable to express herself or communicate in any way with her family. But one day everything changes when Lucia finds an outlet and a way to communicate real emotion through her poltergeist, “Ginger”.

Set in North London in 1989, sixteen year old Lucia comes home from school one day to discover a patch of water on her exercise paper. Noticing the reaction it gets from her mother, Lucia starts a game pouring water on carpets and beds. When psychics confirm there is malignant energy in the flat, her behaviour escalates. Before long, she is throwing heavy furniture around the flat and writing all over the walls. Before she knows it, she is appearing on national TV to convince the public of the poltergeist... Lucia does not understand why she is doing these things, but once she starts, she cannot stop. Why can’t she stop and what makes her do these things? Does she ever get found out. And more important, does Lucia fake the poltergeist or is Ginger real and part of her?

Written from both a first person and third person perspective and with dual time narratives, Lucia’s Poltergeist is an unusual psychological suspense novel that explores themes of the supernatural, the psychological impact of abuse, and the issue of polarity and duality, the Jekyll and Hyde, within us all.

Reader's Favourite

Very much looking forward to reading your first novel, Kate. I like the angle

by Quentin

A very good story, well worth the effort taken to read it. Loved the ending, as it brought the story to a satisfactory finale. For me, I had to read this in a calm frame of mind, so that I could enjoy this at its best.
Thank you to all involved in the "production" of the book, and to Felicia K Solomon for writing it.

by Rajender K Popli

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