Troubador Leopard's Lair

Released: 28/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788036382

Format: Paperback

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Leopard's Lair

The Life and Loves of a Wartime Pilot


WW2 has started. Stuart, an 18 year old farmer's son carrying a secret package from Kenya to the War Office in London, faces extreme danger from a traitor. Then flying solo encounters lusty females. He joins the RAF as a Bomber Pilot and takes part in many graphic and vivid descriptive raids and air battles, facing death each night from fighters and flak. He meets two ballet dancers, one cool, the other feisty red-head. In 1943, badly wounded, having 'ditched' in the North Sea, and in hospital, again meets the 'cool' dancer and they fall in love. When telling him of his father's death in Kenya, a reaction to his wounds turns him against her. Returning to Kenya he finds both dancers there – the 'cool' girl is engaged in secret war work. The red-head (feisty rich-bitch) fails in her attempts to sexually blackmail him into marriage. While on safari on the Serengeti plains with the 'cool' dancer, he is obliged to shoot a dangerous wounded elephant at close quarters, head-on and charging. She is offered a Hollywood contract from an American film producer there. She witnesses a gory fight between lions and a pack of wild dogs and hyena for a zebra carcass. She dances with the Masai. Stuart's wounds are perfectly healed and they declare their love. Because they both have classified work to do they take part in two day secret ceremony in a Masai Manyatta and consummate their love. The author writes with authentic knowledge of WW2 aircraft, of Colonial high life in Kenya at adventures, all of which play their part in this tightly written story.

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