Last Chance Saloon

by Deborah Reinact
Released: 28th October, 2023
Hannah, a woman in her sixties, still healthy, active, intelligent and attractive, meets Joe, a man of her own age. Believing him to be her last chance at finding real love, she moves to Ireland to live with him.

Full synopsis

Hannah, a woman in her sixties, thought she had found her last chance at love with Joe. But everything changes when Eamonn, an actor more than twenty years her junior, moves to their village, leaving behind his Hollywood lifestyle and a toxic marriage. Eamonn has returned to Ireland to be closer to his terminally ill father and is in search of inner tranquillity. He finds this with Hannah, who can offer him the peace and security that he needs.

Despite Eamonn being smitten with Hannah, she resists him, feeling a little suspicious of his advances and questioning his motives. As well as having loyalty to Joe, she also carries the memory of a past trauma that has prevented her from enjoying her life to the full.

Can Hannah forget her fears and suspicions and finally allow herself to be happy with Eamonn? A heart-warming story of love, healing and second chances set in Ireland.

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