Troubador Jump and Dance

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013115

Format: Paperback

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Jump and Dance


Set during the ‘swinging sixties’, Jump and Dance is a story that brings to life the changing music and fashion of the era. J. L. Walker’s debut novel shows how aligning yourself with one group, in this case the Mods, brought with it excitement and danger not only from the Rockers, but also the dying breed of Teddy boys. With a backdrop of unforgettable music, Walker portrays this magical and frightening time to be a teenager.  

At the heart of this novel is a story of meeting someone, falling desperately in love and trying to make sense of it all at such a young and impressionable age. The story depicts a time when love, death, drugs and violence sat uneasily side by side, all held together by music, freedom and creativity. Readers follow a young man as he attempts to find his feet in the adult world, struggling with the transition and leaving the security of school behind him. 

Inspired by his own experience of the 1960s, J. L. Walker’s Jump and Dance offers readers a story of gritty desperation tinged with humour and brings to life this unique and unforgettable era.

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