Troubador Jack In The Box

Released: 28/10/2014

ISBN: 9781783063741

eISBN: 9781783067169

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Jack In The Box


25-year-old, football-obsessed Jack Scott is living in his family home in Fulham, London, and is at crisis point in his life. His mother Stella died two years ago and Jack has a fraught relationship with his father Richard. Jack wanted – and narrowly failed – to become a professional footballer, and now wants to revisit a desire to be a writer and stand-up comedian, but since Stella’s death he’s been emotionally and psychologically stuck. Although Jack supports Chelsea, he loves Barcelona and Lionel Messi. He also idolises Johan Cruijff and is a big fan of Albert Einstein, because of an extraordinary childhood discovery that brought together E=mc2 and Jack’s beloved Chelsea F.C. Can he, with the help of his real and imaginary friends, and both living and dead parents, as well as footballers past and present, his sense of humour, and the music he loves, somehow find some inner peace and move his life forward? Because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about…

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A kaleidoscopic novel full of a twenty-something's internal struggles and profound sense of loss at his mother's death. Questioning,shot full of ideas and imagination and dreams. All bound together in an encyclopaedic knowledge of football - the beautiful game. Technical analysis,tactics,history,stats and the sheer joy of both playing and following. Above all, how a passionate love for football is woven into the fabric of people's psyches ,lives and friendships all over the World. Referencing Albert Einstein to Dr Feelgood - Pharrell Williams to Vermeer , and much of South-West London ,this is witty clever and moving. If you like talking about football,thinking about football and breathing football - you'll very probably like this a lot.

by Rob Yates

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