Troubador It’s Cold at the End of the Bed

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130798

Format: Paperback

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It’s Cold at the End of the Bed


On their final day at Oakwood Primary two talented pupils, Sam Martin, the best in school at sport, and Charlie Woods, its brightest academic prospect, go head to head in the Year 6 fifty metre dash. It is a day neither of them will forget.

Afterwards, they go their separate ways to different schools. Charlie achieves her goal of gaining a place to read engineering at Imperial College London and Sam fulfils his dream of winning a professional rugby contract but struggles with the physical and mental pressures inherent in playing sport for a living.

When life changing events bring the two together again, can the spark of friendship that Sam and Charlie felt when they were young be rekindled? 

A story of loss, love, frustrated ambitions and shattered hopes unfolds as they strive to overcome their emotional and physical challenges.

13.11.21 First novel is at the cover design and typesetting stage preparing for publication in 2022.
Jan. 2022 Novel now passed for press and Jack at Troubador is designing the cover.

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The author shows both skill and insight in understanding what it means to approach adulthood and all it’s challenges and complexities. I felt great empathy with the lead characters and I was left thinking that I wanted to spend more time with them which is the biggest compliment I can pay. A great read.

by An avid reader

The author uses his knowledge of education and sport expertly to provide an insightful account of the main characters as they move through adolescence to adulthood and face serious mental and physical challenges. A most enjoyable and gripping read. You really want to know what is going to happen next in their lives.

by Chris Kelly

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson was born in Brixton in London, attended Bec Grammar School in Tooting and read geography at Oxford University. After serving five years in the Parachute Brigade he had a successful career in teaching. His final post was as Head of Millfield School in Somerset. He now lives with his wife in Stoke Gabriel by the River Dart in Devon.

He started writing to stretch himself in retirement. An Arvon course at Totleigh Barton fired his enthusiasm and encouraged him to attempt a novel. He has now completed two. It's Cold at the End of the Bed is the first to be published.

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