Troubador Into the Moonlight

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803133294

Format: Paperback

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Into the Moonlight

Part 1


Life is dull for Paul Arnold. Living in a grey world, he goes through the motions without any enjoyment. He works at a small financial firm, where he has worked for a few years now, and he hates it. But colour begins to enter his world with the arrival of Sarah Waysmith. A high-flying fashion business owner, within the first moments of meeting, it’s clear she always gets what she wants – and what she wants is Paul.

Throwing caution and a lifetime of boring habits to the wind, Paul embarks upon a steamy affair with Sarah, discovering that there are always new things to discover about each other. Although both are satisfied with the affair, when they meet a charming lesbian couple, events lead both down a path neither expected. The path to self-discovery, after all, is paved with delightful intentions…

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