Troubador Ice Hockey

Released: 28/12/2015

eISBN: 9781785894527

Format: eBook

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Ice Hockey

A Fan's View


Ice hockey is a fairly minor sport especially in the UK. However, once you get into it you simply cannot fail to become hooked. It started for me almost 30 years ago. It has taken me to places that I even had to look up on the map. I have met some lovely people along the way and have watched some thrilling games. There are characters in every sport but then there’s ice hockey. Various friends persuaded me to consider writing this book. The view was that fans throughout the world would identify with it. Many have followed this particular sport far and wide, viewing different levels through various competitions. I have been more than fortunate over the years to have visited many arenas and viewed games from different ends of the spectrum. It has been an absolute pleasure! The book covers in large parts the NHL and the British League, in particular the Nottingham Panthers. It also dips into the various club competitions and also incorporates national teams involved in the Olympics and World Championships. Hopefully in the book I have presented a fair and balanced view of the game and individuals involved. I have built up a considerable knowledge of the sport but in no way do I consider myself an expert. Hopefully the book will provoke memories amongst other fans.

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