Troubador HRH Prince Philip: Escape from the Palace

Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9781784627829

Format: eBook

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HRH Prince Philip: Escape from the Palace


Prince Philip has a dilemma. It’s 1966 and Prince Philip is the only grey man in a world bursting with an endless kaleidoscope of colour. He longs to break free of the royal shackles and dreams of escape from his gilded cage. At night, his mind floats over a vast, open, carefree sea. He hates what he has become. He’s cracking up, he has to get away... but how? One night, Jones the butler informs him that he has found “a hole that nobody wants” and an entirely new, sanity-saving world of adventure opens up for the prince. The hole in fact reveals itself as a long lost tunnel beneath Buckingham Palace which leads to The Mall. With the aid of the self-titled ‘Earl of Buckingham’ (a hermit who lives in the underground palace), Philip begins to abscond on a regular basis. That’s when the fun begins… Will The Queen find out? Are his disguises up to the task? What if MI5 find out and close down his precious escape route? Can ‘The Earl’ be trusted to keep a secret? And of course, the press can never find out! This lighthearted novel from Thomas J O’Mara reflects the universal truth that we are all trapped in our own personal dilemma. It begs the questions of how much personal freedom we should concede in our efforts and desire to ‘do the right thing’, making an amusing and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the Royal Family, the 1960s and comic fiction.

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