Troubador How the Dice Fell

Released: 18/06/2012

ISBN: 9781780880914

Format: Paperback

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How the Dice Fell


Set in London and the north of England, How the Dice Fell is a powerful story about terrorism, love and revenge set within the tensions of a multi-racial Britain.

Chance brings three people together in a London Underground train on 7 July 2005: Amjad the suicide bomber, Lee a disgraced ex-British soldier who served in Iraq, Mike a visitor to London for the day. Their lives, and that of Mike’s lover Sue, are changed for ever.

What leads someone to become a suicide bomber? How easily can someone be tempted into an act of revenge? How does an ordinary man deal with catastrophe? Can love endure such a challenge?

How the Dice Fell shows how different kinds of love can be manipulated, misguided and tested. The story takes place in a Britain reshaped by immigration and threatened by fundamentalist Islamist terrorism.

With the ever-present threat of more terrorist attacks, this novel is a thought-provoking page-turner of loyalties and love in contemporary Britain.

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