Troubador Home Comforts

Released: 04/10/2010

ISBN: 9781848764415

Format: Paperback

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Home Comforts


Two men’s lives are changed forever when they strike up an unlikely friendship; one for the better, the other for the worse. A book about pride, hope, loneliness and despair.

A gentle, engaging novel about the complexities and joys of friendship, in the style of Maeve Binchy and Josephine Cox.

Tom and Stephen’s lives are very different. Tom is a good looking man of fifty. Once he’d had it all; his own business, his own home and money in the bank. Then one day it was all gone and he was left homeless, jobless and friendless. He desperately needs someone to give him back his sense of worth; his sense of pride.

Stephen is a pompous, overweight little man. He means well, but things never turn out right for him. He is also in his fifties but, unlike Stephen, he’s not bothered about how he looks. He tries to do his best running his company, but his best simply isn’t good enough for his wife, Maura. He isn’t good enough for Maura.

Maura is not a woman to cross; one of her withering looks could emasculate any man who does. She’s had time to repent in leisure after marrying in haste twenty three years before. With rich parents, good looks and brains to burn, Maura appears to have it all. Everything she’s turned her hand to has succeeded – except her marriage. In fact, the only thing missing in her life is love. Even her two children were conceived without love.

Home Comforts gives the reader an insight into what happens when two men’s lives are changed forever after striking up an unlikely friendship. It is a tale of pride, hope, loneliness and despair.

Home Comforts is set in Dublin and is about two men, whose lives are completely different yet they do have something in common or rather someone.
Tom is a good looking man in his fifties who has fallen on hard times. He has lost his business, his home and his self respect. He needs a break to get back his dignity; that break comes in the form of Stephen.
Stephen is also in his fifties, but that's where the similarity ends. Stephen's an overweight, pompous little man who was in danger of losing 'his' business.Married to Maura and with two children Stephen thinks he has it all. Maura is not a woman to be crossed. She could emasculate any man who did. Maura married in haste and twenty three years later she was still repenting at leisure. How could their two children grow up 'normal', with such indifferent parents even if they did have all the Home Comforts' they could ever need.

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Bridie Costello

Bridie Costello,(nee Leetch) was born in Woolwich and educated in Abbey Wood Comprehensive School in south east London. Her mother was from Ballyshannon, in Co Donegal and her father came from Kilkelly in Co Mayo. When Bridie was fifteen years of age her family moved back to Co Mayo, and it was here that she spent almost all of her adult life. She is now married to Eddie and they have one daughter and two granddaughters and a grandson born in September. Bridie has always been interested in writing and took a creative writing course which gave rise to her first novel 'Home Comforts'. She has finished writing her second novel,entitled Young Single and Pregnant. She has just finished writing her third book,a sequel to Home Comforts, entitled Homecoming.Bridie is now writing her fourth novel One Stolen Night.

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