Troubador Hiramic Brotherhood

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788032704

Format: Paperback

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Hiramic Brotherhood

Ezekiel’s Temple Prophesy


Set against a backdrop of hatred and violence in the Middle East, Hiramic Brotherhood: Ezekiel’s Temple Prophesy delves into the issue of Israel’s ethnic cleansing and addresses racism in the Middle East. This novel follows journalist Conrad Banner who is intent on filming a documentary in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Inspired by his father Mark – an author and foreign correspondent with numerous journalism awards for his coverage in the Middle East ­– Banner’s documentary presents a factually impartial account of the conflict. Hatred and violence was also being continually provoked by Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population which was whitewashed by a form of propaganda known was hasbara, or ‘explanation’. Such propaganda was aimed at an international audience to portray contentious Israeli action and policies – past and present – in a positive light while providing a negative portrayal of Arabs in general, and Palestinians in particular. Along with Jewish activist Adam Peltz and Palestinian guide Sami Hadawi, Banner finds himself unwelcome, resulting in some hazardous and ultimately fatal consequences. Hiramic Brotherhood is motivated by the blatant denial of human rights to millions ot people, and in particular children, by the double standard of Western democracies. Exploring themes of culture, racism, religion and violence, Hanna brings to the fore a compelling story of struggle and divide.

So far agreements have been reached for the translation and publication rights in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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There is so much that is impresseive to say about this work. Its narrative style is reminiscent of Herman Wouk's The Winds of War with its clever alternating of real events with fictive characters. The blend works superbly. It is also reminiscent of the racy Grisham narrative technique. But this is a novel that seeks to do more than just entertain the reader. It is also a powerful and courageous condemnation of the current world order with its quagmire of double standards, hypocrisy, mendacity and inhumanity. It is well worth reading and engaging with by creating a continuing dialogue around it.
5 Stars.

by Dr. Faysal Mikdadi

William Hanna

Having grown up and travelled in East Africa and the Middle East, London based freelance writer William Hanna had already witnessed the appalling inequity of colonialism wherein indigenous populations were economically marginalised, maligned, maltreated, and even massacred while European settlers occupied their lands and exploited their resources.

While British, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and other colonial powers had been mainly concerned with subjugating indigenous populations, plundering their countries' resources, and then eventually recognising the necessity to grant them independence as occurred in Africa, the Jewish settlers had come to Palestine not just to simply colonise, but to ruthlessly replace the indigenous population. It was this cold, calculated, and cruel rapaciousness of Zionism colonisation of Palestine that motivated Hanna to write about such barbaric ethnic cleansing by a people who more than any other should know better.

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