Troubador Hidden Agenda

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800464230

Format: Paperback

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Hidden Agenda


Set in North Cornwall where there is a clear view of stars, meteorites, satellites and unidentified objects. In a Cornish town a loud bang followed by a shockwave rattled windows. There is known to be a secret tracking station nearby. Could there be a link?

Ancient civilisations like the Maya and the Egyptians were advanced in Astronomy, Science and Mathematics. The accuracy of their calculations was amazing. Their perceptions about life after death and their development of writing were so advanced it poses the question of where that knowledge originated.

When it comes to believing in the existence of UFO’s, there is a lot of scepticism. However, there are too many credible reports from a variety of trusted sources to dismiss them lightly. The discovery of exoplanets raises the prospect that intelligent life may exist elsewhere. Governments have been known to distract the focus away from their own projects by diverting attention to UFO sightings. Could there be a ‘Hidden Agenda’?

This is not just another book about aliens, it is about chance encounters and the consequences on the lives if individuals. It poses the possibility that in antiquity there may have been an interaction between our civilisation and an alien civilisation.

Great discoveries are being made by science, but there are many things which are still unknown. If we are alone in the Universe that will be a bigger shock to some people than learning that we have noisy neighbours!

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