Troubador Hemispheres

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135144

Format: Paperback

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The Further Life of Alexander Maclean


Hemispheres (a sequel to Mallaig Road, published January 2022) charts the story of Alexander Maclean’s adult life, and spans a period of more than forty years, from 1976 to 2021. 
Alexander, born in British colonial Africa and brought up in the South Africa of the 1960s, spends half a lifetime striving to flee his demons. Ever restless, he travels back and forth between South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East, as he battles to escape the grip of alcoholism. In the process, however, Alexander has some extraordinary adventures, and several near miraculous escapes from death. 
This contemporary morality tale is above all the story of Alexander’s triumph over alcoholism, and of his deliverance from his demons. In a land far from Africa, Alexander at last finds enduring peace, love and contentment.

I wrote Mallaig Road during the Covid lockdowns of 2020 - 2021, as an antidote to anxiety and unhappiness. And a most effective antidote it proved to be. Through the boy-hero, Alexander Maclean, I was able to relive a time in my own life when anxieties were few, and, like unhappiness, were fleeting. I hope the reader too will be transported back in time to a place where anxieties and unhappiness were few and fleeting.

The story in Mallaig Road, which opens in 1965, shortly after Alexander Maclean's tenth birthday, closes with Alexander's extended visit to the United Kingdom in 1976. He is now twenty-one years old. I plan to publish a sequel, "Hemispheres," later in 2022, which picks up where Mallaig Road leaves off, and charts the course of Alexander's life through to 2021, by which time he is sixty-six years old.

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Robert Dewar

Robert Dewar was born in Central Africa in the mid 1950s, and was educated in South Africa. He has a degree in History. As a young man he worked as a field guide in Southern Africa, and as a game ranger. In later years he worked as a business researcher and writer.

He has lived in East Africa, South Africa, Namibia, the United Kingdom, Malta and the Far East.

He now lives in the Scottish Highlands.

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