Troubador Hannah and Soraya's Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip Across America

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595340

Format: Paperback

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Hannah and Soraya's Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip Across America


“PRE- OR POST-TRUMP? It made a difference. America wasn’t the land of Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses any more. So people said. Mind you, that wasn’t just the USA. It was the whole world.”

Hannah and Soraya are in the business of making rock music with a social conscience. The way Britain currently works, that means they’re ‘snowflakes’, ‘social justice warriors’, ‘virtue signallers’. They’ve learned to live with the mudslinging, but not happily. Worse than that, it’s starting to overwhelm them. Then, out of the blue, they suffer a string of personal and professional crises.

Their solution? A change of scene designed to keep the lid on a looming family cataclysm and draw artistic inspiration from the pre-musical roots of rock (but without the Beats’ misogyny, plus in an eco-friendly car).

Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip across America is about family, friendship, human mortality, the siren call of social media, celebrity vs. anonymity, creative integrity, true love, drugs ‘n’ alcohol, literature, sexuality, the ‘special relationship’, what it means to be a millennial, what kind of world Generation Y is set to inherit, the very meaning of life itself in the 21st century. Amongst other things.

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