Troubador Guardian of Power

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789017632

Format: Paperback

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Guardian of Power


How will the world’s oil-producing countries react when fossil fuels are threatened by a new resource? Guardian of Power is an adult thriller about the search for an environmentally clean and sustainable source of energy and how a breakthrough in the research is threatened by an international conspiracy. 

Dr Ben Moyles is a brilliant, young research physicist working on the Puissance Project in Sergy, near the border between France and Switzerland. The Project was established to look at ways of generating a sustainable source of energy through the process of nuclear fusion. However, no one involved in the Puissance Project is aware that security in the complex has been breached on a major level by a State organisation which has a very strong interest in protecting its investment in oil production.

During the course of his work, Ben sets up an experiment before leaving for his summer holiday on the family farm in the UK, intent on reviewing its progress when he returns. When he resumes work, Ben discovers the experiment has been partially successful and this sets in motion a chain of events which puts him – and potentially the whole world – in grave danger. 

Those readers who prefer a story with intellectual depth as well as heart pounding fiction will enjoy this book.

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