Troubador Granny with Benefits

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785898730

Format: Paperback

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Granny with Benefits


Grace is thirty-nine and not remotely convinced that life begins at forty. When her grandmother dies she volunteers to pick up her belongings from the sheltered accommodation. It is the last place she expects to have a chance encounter with the first man she has been instantly attracted to in a very long time, particularly as she is dressed almost head to toe in her grandmother’s clothing and accessories. Grace’s granny alter ego elicits a conversation with the man about love, death and the universe, which she is convinced would not have happened otherwise. This inspires her to throw caution to the wind and turn what should have been a simple case of mistaken identity into a dating introduction opportunity for the real her. A decision which sets Grace on a rollercoaster adventure of lies, secrets and lust, making her thirty ninth year one she won’t forget, but might well regret...

Anne Bonny Book Reviews

Hertfordshire Life

This is a beautifully descriptive book the author paints a brilliant picture of each character, and the story is intriguing in the sense that aunty is never uncovered!!
I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and her different friendship groups and how her opinions changed towards her own grandmother
It was a lovely read and I would recommend to my friends anytime.

by Kim Smith

Lovely, funny, unique, fabulous and poignant. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. The book was a sweet romance read that offered wisdom and insight along the joyful journey. A beautifully written book . I expect more titles like this from the author.

by Rubina Bashir

A uniquely funny twist on the stark reality of life as a single woman, interwoven with humour and honesty. Written in a style that engages its reader from start to finish and will raise many debate as it touches on so many elements of life. Left on a cliff hanger, can't wait to read the follow-up. Amazing read for a first book.

by Yvonne

GRANNY WITH BENEFITS by Marilyn Bennett is a laugh-out-loud novel with a truly unique twist.

Grace is thirty-nine and wants to find love but is definitely sick of the dating scene where men put on an act just to get their leg over. While clearing out her deceased grandmother's room in sheltered accommodation, Grace decides to play dress up and transforms herself into an old woman, with a wig and all to boot!

But when Dale, a sexy guy her own age who is interested in the room for his dad, stumbles across her and mistakes her for an older lady, Grace is too embarrassed to explain the situation - and so Louise is created. As Dale begins to really talk to Louise about life and love, Grace realises that maybe this is the way to get to know the gorgeous Dale, and comes up with a plan where 'Louise' will introduce him to her lovely niece, Grace. But like plenty of ideas, things don't always go to plan...

With plenty of hilarious situations and well-developed characters, this story will have you crying tears of laughter but there is also a deeper side to this book. Grace finds herself in a mess, wanting a man who she has lied to from the start, while Dale is trying to set up 'Louise' with his father as he wants to see him happy again. As things begin to unravel there are plenty of people who could get hurt. The importance of friendship and figuring out what you really want in life is always at the forefront of this tale and makes you appreciate the value of a true friend. GRANNY WITH BENEFITS by Marilyn Bennett is a great debut and hopefully, this is not the last that we see of these crazy characters.

by Linda Green (NetGalley)

What an amazing book. You never want to stop reading it. Well that's how I felt.

It has moments of humour and tears.

This book had me laughing to myself on my train journeys. I'm sure the passenger thought that I was off my rocker.

So many parts in the book are true and want you to keep reading for more.

Poor Grace who really got herself in to a mess from the start; see how man turns you crazy. Love it.

I’m waiting for the theatre play / film. A must!!

By Mrs Allen-McKenna

by By Mrs Allen-McKenna

This was an enjoyable book. I laughed more in the first ten percent on this novel than in the entirety of many others! It explored some interesting situations, engaging the reader easily.

by Krystal Kavita Jagoo

Wow this book was wonderful. Grace,s Granny Alter Ego was really funny. Grace really showed you how laugh was in her conversation with the man of her Dreams. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

by Carley Adair

This book was witty and clever. I actually laughed out loud! The dialogue and thought processes make reading this book fun.

by Becky Eanes

Top notch chic lit, British style. As good or better than Bridget Jones. I like it so much better. You will be wishing you could be included in the friendship of these gals.

by Cathy Streimer

When Grace’s grandmother dies, she dresses up as one herself. Little does she know that in doing so, a lovely pensioner falls for her – and his cousin Dale is .. a Hol according to Grace – Heaven on Legs!

| Introduction |

Grace tries to feel what it is like to dress up as her deceased grandmother when suddenly, a visitor appears at her grandmother’s door. A man by the name of Dale comes to check out the place for his father. Before their conversation is over, Grace is drooling all over him and has renamed him HoL: Heaven on Legs! But things get a bit complicated when HoL’s Uncle, Bob, falls head over heels in love with Grace .. eh. Louise as her older self!

| Storyline |

Grace has no idea that a chance meeting with an eligible bachelor will completely turn her head. And that when she is dressed up as her late granny! But, then again, this is the perfect disguise to ask him – his name is Dale but Grace prefers HoL (Heaven on Legs) for obvious reasons – all sorts of intimate questions she, being her own self, would never be able to pose. A man with mummy issues so much is clear. Still, she is amazed at how different the conversation has been in her ‘nana garb’. There is more: she has promised to HoL to come to a funeral – as Louise! At the funeral, not only HoL is present but also his father and his Uncle, Bob. Would you believe it if I tell you Bob, a widower, falls for Louise? And that another elderly woman is very jealous of her, I mean, Louise?

With her friends discovering (and disapproving of) what she is doing, Grace feels the need to explore her Louise role further; that she will see HoL on these occasions is a welcome plus. To top it all, as Louise she can advise him on matters of the heart and push him in her, Grace’s direction! HoL has specific characteristics he would like to see in a girlfriend and every time Grace tries to engage him in talking about these things, she hits a wall. He likes Grace but at the same time, he senses there is something not right as she is not open about herself and her life. What is she hiding and .for what reason? Meanwhile, Uncle Bob is smitten with Grace’s alter ego Louise. As things get more complicated, Grace is bending over backwards to keep up her appearances and both her lives…

| My Thoughts |

What a lovely and entertaining book Granny with Benefits is! There is so much fun and sparkle in the story! I must say, I cannot understand Grace – although when you meet a HoL would you not do anything to keep him? – but I do like how the author describes her and her alter ego Louise. The choices Grace makes made me want to shout NOOO but well, she did it anyway. As Louise, the older version of herself, she is charming and attractive but at the same time inquisitive and annoying, poking her nose in wherever and whenever she wants. The privilege of age? Grace has the tendency to complicate things – and life. As to HoL – Dale, frankly, I did not know what to think of him, well actually, I thought he needed to grow up! I loved Uncle Bob, what a charming fellow, devoted to his deceased wife and ready to again fall in love. Do you want to know how this all ends? Read Granny with Benefits!

by Caroline Vincent

I absolutely loved this book, and was very happy to give it 5 stars. Beautifully and sympathetically written, the characters are so real it reads more like a biography than a novel. It does contain a few synchronicities, but I find that happening in real life too!

The story begins towards the end of WW2 where a happy family’s life was torn apart by a bomb landing on their house. The parents were missing, presumed dead. The 3 children were sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle, and then later the younger two were sent to live with a single Aunt, down on the coast, for safety.

Meanwhile a man is saved from the wreckage of a house with amnesia. He has no idea of who he is or where he has come from, but learns that he can play the piano like a virtuoso.

This is a poignant story which will make you smile and cry by turns. It is told from the point of view of the eldest daughter, alternating with that of the Pianist. These are ‘real’ people, flaws and all, and at times you want to shake them but that just adds to the reality of the story.
A historical novel with drama, murder, suspense, intrigue and romance - there is something for everyone!

by Maddy Cordell

Well this book was great. So funny, with hilarious romantic situations.
See, romance is for all ages. I had such a laugh with this, the length s someone's will go to saving face, their feelings and those of others.
A good read from a talented, imaginative and funny author.

by Shirley Packer

Granny With Benefits has been a very entertaining read!

Grace is 39 years old and meets Hol whilst collecting her Grandmother's belongings from her sheltered accommodation. Unfortunately, he walks in just as she is trying on some of the clothes and he thinks she lives there so she tells him her name is Louise! I have to admit, I'm not sure how she could have looked THAT much older just by wearing different attire, but it does lead to an amusing tale of Grace trying to juggle two personas in an attempt to win Hols affections. It did remind me a bit of Mrs Doubtfire at times, but there were no fancy face masks being used here. However they didn't all realise that Grace and Louise were the same person, as time went on, I don't know.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like Grace to begin with, but she did grow on me eventually, although her relationship with Hol did frustrate me at times. I'm not sure I found Hol all that likeable either to be honest. They are both quite childish at times, for their ages, but I guess we all can be sometimes.

Things were very hit and miss between them and there are a lot of misunderstandings along the way and ignoring each other. It is a roller-coaster of a story though which held my attention as I was more than a little bit curious to discover how things would work out.

If you enjoy a romantic comedy with more than its fair share of drama then I think you will love this book.

by Kerry Parsons

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