Troubador Grandmother's Footsteps

Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9781800462311

Format: Paperback

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Grandmother's Footsteps


'Grandmother's Footsteps' is a powerful story of two women separated by time, both struggling to acknowledge secrets from the past and seeking atonement for their actions.

Deserted by her husband and recovering from a serious illness, Bella is rebuilding her life. A chance encounter at the local Charity shop unwittingly sets off another parallel story. In the lining of of an old crocodile bag donated to Barnados, the kindly but absent minded Shirley discovers and reads a diary written by Bella's grandmother Jean. Set in 1920 in a mental asylum in Glasgow, Jeannie's story of guilt and shame acts as a counterpoint to Bella's struggle for survival and acknowledgement of past regrets.

It is left to Shirley to decide if the two Grandmothers' stories can come together, as Bella takes time to discover where she wants to be and who she wants to take with her on a new journey into the future.

Anna Anderson had me gripped in both the past and present with the stories of 2 women whose lives and shared experiences are so cleverly intertwined. Jeannie’s loves and losses, too great for any woman to bear, echo through time and are lived through great granddaughter Bella, unaware of the history that holds her and which plays out in her own life. Deeply saddening in the depiction of the loneliness of illness and the physical and mental burdens suffered by women, Grandmother’s Footsteps is also filled with hope and renewal as bridges to the past and present unfold and relationships heal. I couldn’t put it down and thoroughly recommend this book from a talented new writer.

by Laura Cowdery

Excellent read, couldn’t put in down.

by Julie K

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