Troubador Good Wives & Secret Lives

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789010084

Format: Paperback

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Good Wives & Secret Lives


In her debut novel, Janey Kaya explores the complexities of womanhood and women’s many roles as nurturer, home-maker, lover and friend. Good Wives & Secret Lives tells the story of five women, tracing their lives as they struggle with battles of conscience, temptation and desire.  

In the book, readers meet Sherrie, Angie, Carmella, Hulya and Helena and follow these five leading ladies as they embark on their contrasting journeys. Janey portrays their relationships with other women, family and men in this exploration of love and life. With elements of romance, this is a book which respects the love between man and woman, while also allowing room for empowered and successful female. Janey celebrates healthy relationships and strong women in this inspiring read. 

Inspired by the strong female leads in Jackie Collins’ novels, Good Wives & Secret Lives is a powerful call to women to support their fellow women. This book will appeal to fans of romance novels, particularly a female audience. 

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