Troubador Going There

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461253

Format: Paperback

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Going There

Patient Centred Consulting for GPs and Patients


Why do GPs consult in a particular way and ask the questions they do? How do they use this information to help patients get the best possible outcomes? This original graphic novel shows the reasoning behind this and the development of related skills by following the training of one GP and the patients and families she meets through this process. It is based on real life experiences to which people can relate. In addition the book contains a series of short life stories; glimpses into family life and of fascinatingly different patients as doctors manage a wide range of health problems. Going There, perhaps uniquely, creates glimpses into GP daily life in comparison with hospital experience as GP trainee Aisha spends time adding alternative clinical experience.
One real joy with this kind of graphic novel is that readers can rapidly identify with the people portrayed; sympathise with the doctor whose wife has died; recognise the tension when two doctors understand, but are reluctant to express, an emotional attachment. There are funny incidents too; how could an interpreter suddenly appear to help someone who speaks perfect English? What kind of grandmother is it who can attack a bunch of yobs having a go at her grandson? At the heart of it allGoing There is about real patients and doctors engaged in a multicultural ‘lifeworld’.  

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