Troubador From Sidcup With Purrs

Released: 28/09/2014

ISBN: 9781783065547

Format: Paperback

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From Sidcup With Purrs

The Story of a Small Cat With a Big Personality


Tiny is a sparky little tabby cat who is found wandering the streets in the London suburb of Sidcup. She is taken to a local veterinary surgery where she finds kindness, but Tiny knows no fear, which makes her a danger to herself and to the patients in the waiting room. In due course, she comes to live at Tresta Towers with the Earth Mother and Poor Roger and a gang of Special Needs felines. All does not go smoothly, but gradually Tiny's extraordinary talents are revealed and she accompanies the Earth Mother to a variety of venues to spread the word about the joy that a small cat can bring to children of all ages. Tiny's triumphs are proof that a tough start in life and disabilities can’t hold back a plucky little cat with a world to conquer. The book is written from Tiny’s perspective, but all the happenings are true. Her view of her fellow felines and of the Earth Mother and Poor Roger is often less than charitable, but laughter and lots of love are constant features in this heartwarming tale. Like Heather Cook’s former books Evie’s?Diary and Paws For?Thought, From Sidcup With Purrs is a humorous work of adult fiction that will appeal to feline lovers everywhere.


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 Heather Cook

I really don't mind being known as the Mad Catwoman, which is just as well! I was Homing Officer for Cats Protection Woking Branch for nearly 30 years and found homes for thousands of waifs and strays, many of which managed to worm their way into my affections and into the pages of my books.

In 2011 I was honoured to be chosen as Cats Protection's Volunteer of the Year.

I wrote a monthly column in Your Cat magazine for 10 years and have previously written 3 cat books. I've always tried to capture the lighter side of life with cats and have never been short of raw material with a house full of Special Needs felines!

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