Troubador Forever A-Men

Released: 01/03/2012

eISBN: 9781780889665

Format: eBook

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Forever A-Men


The A-Men trilogy breaks new ground in mixing noir-style sci-fi with mythic fantasy elements, with five first-person viewpoints on the action. Forever A-Men is the trilogy’s concluding book and a science fiction tour de force.

Switching Dead City for the crystal arks of the thirteen corporate colonies, Jack comes face to face with the full extremity of D’Alessandro’s master plan. Awakening as godking in the fantasy realms of Forevermore, effectively trapped within the pages of his own faerie tale book, he realises his only chance at redemption is to reform the A-Men for one last amazing adventure. 

With the help of Pure, Dingo the Wonder Dog and the blind, psychic detective Arken Ellis Winterman, Jack finds his path leads inextricably back to D’Arkadia, his family’s deserted starstation, for a final confrontation with the terrible past he has tried so desperately to escape.  

An astonishing final chapter to the A-Men trilogy, this is a story of the realisation that nothing is forever, and of identifying what is important before it is far, far too late.

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